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5 Amazing Label Printing Ideas For Your Business

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5 Amazing Label Printing Ideas For Your Business

Labelling is an art that yields an outcome profitable to the brand as well as the customers. As the presentation of the product is one of the essential marketing elements for a business, product labels hold a vital position in the process. The right label has the potential of increasing your brand’s visibility, scale revenue and enhance customer’s love for your brand. Most importantly, it may improve the demand for your product in the market. 

Another crucial role of a label is to establish a communication channel between a brand and customers. For example, you may communicate the product’s value, critical information about the product’s usage and the factors that distinguish a brand from another to the customers – all through a label.

Factually, the one-size-fits-all philosophy isn’t applicable on labels. Labels come in all different shapes & sizes and each kind of label helps achieve specific outcomes. So to help you ace the art of labelling, we’ve compiled a few amazing label printing ideas that will encourage customers to say ‘YES’ to your product. 


1. Customised Labels

 The no. 1 on our list is Customised label. Customisation is everything for the customers in the 21st century. Everyone wants to add their personal touch to something they own. Moreover, the demand to have products that resonate with one’s personality will supposedly grow in the future. Thus, leading to an increase in demand for customisation. As a brand, customising your product labels can help you connect with your customers on another level while simultaneously making your product look more appealing. 

With digital printing technology, label customisation is more accessible and cost-effective. Additionally, short print runs allow one to introduce variations in each unit without hindering the printing process.


2. Variable Data Printing 

Labels produced with Variable Data Printing (VDP) technology create a unique and personalised experience for the customer. VDP allows you to introduce variations in the label’s design, such as headlines, images, names, or colours without slowing down production. Thus, VDP encourages innovative marketing which is time as well as cost-efficient. Several brands have utilised VDP technology for their profit.  

Here are a few ideas for employing this technology in your marketing campaign: 

  • Personalise label art for customer engagement.
  • Customise your brand story as per the target audiences.
  • Simplify tracking with numbered labels and serialised barcodes. 


3. Informative Labels

 If you’re an emerging brand, transparency is vital in your process of gaining customer’s trust. The most effective way to establish transparency between your brand and customers is by clearly stating thorough information about your product right there on the label. This way, you’ll be answering all the potential questions a customer may have and portray yourself as a trustworthy brand. 

Digital shrink sleeves label is one way to do so. Digital shrink sleeves provide a 360-degree advertising space that you can use as your informative canvas. You may add as much information as you want without compromising the design of the label. Digital Shrink Sleeves makes your product emerge as appealing as well as functional on a market shelf. 


4. Tamper-Evident Labels

 For Food & Beverage brands, it is utterly essential to distinguish their product from replicas and fake products. Counterfeiting of products can depreciate a brand’s market value in no time. Therefore, tamper-evident labels or full-body shrink sleeves are excellent ideas to secure your brand’s image and your product’s authenticity.  

Brands can use digitally printed shrink sleeves as tamper-evident labels. The tamper-evident labels are printed with warning messages or safety-seal text using digital printing technology that vouches for the product’s authenticity. Similarly, with the full-body shrink sleeves, the product’s entire body is label-sealed, making it impossible for someone to tamper with the product. 


5. QR Code Labels 

 An innovative way of labelling your product is to have a QR code printed on each label. The QR code labels have been getting quite popular and are loved by the customers as well.  

Each product can have a unique QR code leading to a specific web page or video where customers are greeted with a video message, promotional content, discount offers, product instructions, etc. This will encourage customers to engage with your brand and enhance your business. 

QR code labels appear futuristic and creative to a generation of customers driven by smartphones. This label printing idea can easily amplify and popularise your brand.  

Before you zero in on an idea for your product’s label, you need a company that can help you achieve your vision without burning a hole in your pocket. 

This is where Stark Packmate comes in.

We can help you bring your vision to reality with our cutting-edge printing technology and more than a decade of experience. 

For more amazing label printing ideas, contact us now!

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