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5 Must-Take Steps Before Launching A Product To The Market

Product Packaging

5 Must-Take Steps Before Launching A Product To The Market

Launching a new product to the market is an exciting moment for every brand. Yet, to make it a success, you must pay attention to your product’s appearance before introducing it to a competitive market. In business, there is a famous saying – It’s the packaging that sells the product. This phrase is as true as it gets as we believe that the first impression is always the most important and ever-lasting. It allows you to attract & impress your customers with an attractive packaging design.

However, brands sometimes skimp focus on the packaging of a product before the launch. As a result, it prevents the product from moving off of the shelf. To help you avoid such a mistake or help you launch your product cost-efficiently and promptly, the below mentioned five essential steps should be taken before launching a product or you can call – The Packaging Recipe For Success. 

STEP 1: Know Your Customers 

Know your customers

“Customers are the hero of any Brand’s success story.”  

The product held for launching will gain appreciation & sales only when it impresses the customer. Therefore, it is imperative to carry out sufficient research and understand your target audience before finalising the packaging of your product. Knowing about the target audience would make the packaging decision simpler and more effective.

Additionally, it is crucial to understand that the packaging you set the seal on must have the scope of incorporating all the dynamic needs of your customers.

For instance – the demand for personalisation is high among customers, Digital Labels clubbed with Variable Data Printing would possibly be the best-suited solution for your products. Besides, there is room for personalisation without slowing down the process.

STEP 2: Analyse Your Competition  

Competition Analyse

Almost every day we come across a new product in the market. So, how would you stand out from the array of diverse products lined up to steal customer’s attention?

You can’t stand still while your competitors leap. This is where the Competitor analysis can level up your product’s appearance and turn it into a success story. 

Therefore, the second step of successfully launching a product includes deeply analysing your competition. It would allow you to develop a packaging design that differentiates your product from all others right there on the shelf. 

For instance – opting for a distinct shape or size for your product is one of the primary ways to seek customer’s attention. Moreover, it is easier to wrap even the most intricate shapes with innovatively designed digital shrink sleeve labels that convey your brand’s uniqueness.

STEP 3: Maintain Transparency with Customers 


Transparency is one of the things that turn one-time buyers into loyal customers. As the market saturates with products, customers demand the choice to pick the best of all based on the information provided by the brand. Comprehensive product information on the packaging box assists the customer in understanding the product and ‘how to use’ instructions. Although, with extensive data comes the risk of comprising the appearance of the product. Variable Data Printing technology is, however, the ultimate solution.

Variable data printing allows you to print a unique QR code on each package to take your customers to a specific location either a webpage or a video. They can view detailed product information, terms & conditions, promotion & product instructions through the QR code. 

It will engage your customers and create trust in the customer’s minds, amplifying your business as soon as you launch the product. 

STEP 4: Secure Your Brand Identity  

Brand Identity  

Your brand is the umbrella under which your various product variants and philosophies reside. Moreover, consumers recognize a product by its brand and vice versa. Therefore, your brand identity must be crystal clear on every product (new or existing). Additionally, it must be secure for those who may try to hamper your brand identity by replicating your product.

The most effective way to do this is by using digital printing technology and tamper-evident digital shrink sleeve labels. The cutting-edge digital printing technology will maintain supreme print quality, clear & crisp graphics and a consistently followed colour palette. 

The tamper-evident shrink sleeves can be digitally printed with warning messages or safety-seal text to vouch for the product’s authenticity. It might secure your brand from any possible infringement in the future.

STEP 5: Intensive Testing with A Prototype 

Prototype Testing

The last yet significant step is to test your product. It should be a 100% error-free version at the time of launch as nothing would sabotage your product launch quicker than a product that is not functional. Prototypes vastly reduce the risk & uncertainty at the launch. A prototype of the product with its packaging in the finished form will help you ensure the feasibility of your product. You can test out initial ideas and make the necessary changes before the launch in a cost-effective manner. You may refine the prototype until it’s the best version of your vision and then your product is ready to launch. 

It must be noted that not every product or brand fits the 5-step guide to follow before the product launch.
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