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Difference between Digital Label Printing & Traditional Label Printing

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Difference between Digital Label Printing & Traditional Label Printing

The Digital era has massively changed the print & packaging industry. Modern technology has taken the product appearance(labels) and advertising campaigns to a subsequent level. The competition among brands is also increasing with the technological advancements and the best way to retain consumers now is to retain their attention. Digital label printing can make your product look attractive & unique without burning a hole in your pocket. It enables you to offer a broad range of customisations to attract consumers. It additionally allows your brand to launch limited edition products and run special marketing campaigns that traditional printing technology could not support.

For instance – the Lay’s Smile Campaign is customised as per each market or country; India, China, Egypt, USA, and others. Lays roped in 750 Indian influencers to launch this campaign. The campaign was wholly possible with the help of digital printing technology thereby enhancing the consumer’s engagement with the product. Executing the same campaign would have been a difficult one if done through traditional printing technology.

It is seen that 7 out of 10 consumers say that a product’s packaging drives their purchase decisions.

Also, digital printing technology allows you to print a unique QR code on each item that will direct the consumers to a webpage, promotional video or product information page. QR codes on labels are usually used to convey detailed product information without compromising the design. If the packaging is riddled with product features & specifications, it can take away the beauty from the design.

Which is the best-suited choice – Digital Label Printing or Traditional Label Printing?

Print technology is only considered the best when it can address the end user’s needs. Choosing the right printing technology for your product’s label is not only important for your marketing strategies but also for your business goals. Traditional printing technology serves its purposes, but it is becoming old school now and the future demands a transition. A few factors supporting this theory are:

  • Turnaround time
    Digital label printing has a quick turnaround time. The use of Inkjet & laser printers makes the process speedy as Label designs can be changed and the content can be updated without any other cost. Whereas traditional printing requires a new set of plates for every minor change which makes it time-consuming & expensive.
  • Quality
    High-quality product labels are essential to attract consumers. Inkjet printers used in digital printing offer twice the quality of a traditional printer. The high-resolution inkjet printers typically start at 1200 Dots Per Inch (DPI) and go higher whereas a traditional printing machine can handle a maximum of 345 DPI. Thus, digital printing provides high-calibre clear labels.
    Gone are the days when consumers would happily purchase identical products. Presently there is a rising demand for variety in a product’s colour, design, flavours and more. Digital label printing makes it easier to introduce variety. Revising and updating the design via the traditional label printing process will delay the prints thereby making the process expensive.
  • Run lengths
    With the increase in the demand for variety, the run lengths are getting more limited. Instead of an identical product, consumers now demand 20 different varieties of a product. For example – if the demand used to be for 20,000 labels earlier, now this number is divided among 20 various labels, reducing the run-lengths to 1000 each. Given the label run-lengths of today’s marketplace, digital label printing seems to be a better-suited choice.
  • Print Substrates
    Digital label printing offers more flexibility in terms of surfaces as the process can be used for printing on an extensive range of substrates whether it is for pharmaceuticals, wine & spirits, durables, health & beauty, industrial chemicals or beverages. Whereas traditional label printing technology has its limitations as it can only be used for printing on a flat surface.

Digital label printing technology conclusively emerges as the efficient printing choice considering it is sustainable, saves time & money and most importantly it is flexible. At Stark Packmate, we are dedicated to providing you with extraordinary labels that fit your product and needs. We adopt the most recent digital label printing technology to deliver the orders within a few days as client satisfaction is our priority.

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