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Package Unboxing Experience

Five Moments That Sum Up The Package Unboxing Experience

Product Packaging

Five Moments That Sum Up The Package Unboxing Experience

Your product’s packaging is perhaps the most prominent ambassador of your brand. It is the first touchpoint between you and the customer; the first impression. Since first impressions are quick to form and slow to change, it’s fair to say that your product’s first interaction with a customer is significant.

To ace first interaction, many brands are revisiting the user experience factor of their products, also known as the Package Unboxing Experience. It refers to the memorable interaction a customer has when unboxing a product for the first time.


Memorable Unboxing Experience -> Great Branding

Memorable Unboxing Experience

The Package Unboxing Experience is intertwined with branding. A carefully curated package that offers a unique unboxing experience to the customers is bound to impact your branding positively. It gives your customers a reason to remember you as a brand.

Moreover, your packaging might be able to provide you with some additional publicity as well. Often a unique unboxing or packaging finds itself on Social Media and quickly turns into a sophisticated post-sales marketing strategy. Through packaging, one must aim to leave their customers with a positive impression to encourage them to keep coming back.


5 Moments That Sum Up The Package Unboxing Experience

From the moment a customer lays eyes on your product to the final moment of delivery, the whole process comprises of tiny moments. Therefore, an ace up your sleeve to excel at every moment would be a great marketing and branding strategy.

1.Appearance AppearanceThe appearance of your product is your first opportunity to attract and impress customers. A packaging with bright colours, creative designs, unique typography & crisp print quality may successfully hold a customer’s attention and leave a print on their memory. The use of digital printing technology is perhaps the most sought-after way of achieving that goal. Digitally printed labels and packaging are of supreme print quality. Moreover, they offer you multiple opportunities to up your marketing game.


2.FeelFeelNext to visual appeal is the feel of your product, meaning how it feels in the hands of a customer. The texture of your packaging is an important factor as it stimulates the customer’s senses creating an even stronger memory than the visual one.  You may add tactile textures to your product’s packaging through digital printing technology and set it apart from its competitors. Also, through Prototypes & Mockups, you may test the viability of your product’s packaging with the help of a pixel-perfect and close to reality prototype. Moreover, Prototypes & Mockups allow you to be 100% sure about your packaging idea before launching it.


3. FunctionalityFunctionalityApart from the look and feel, it’s important for your product’s packaging to be functional in reality. The size & shape of your packaging should add convenience to a customer’s life, which basically means it should be easy to use, handle and carry.  In the present times, several brands opt for Digital Flexible Packaging for their products to best suit the urban lifestyle of customers. Digital Flexible Packaging firstly offers customers a packaging that’s easier to carry and store. Moreover, the digital printing technology used reduces the production cost and time for brands.


4. ProtectionProtectionAmong the other factors, brands must remember that the primary goal of a product’s packaging is to protect its content. Every customer wants their purchased item to retain high-grade quality at the time of consumption. Therefore, the packaging must protect the packed content.The same is achievable through various packaging solutions, like, digital printing technology. It uses low migration inks to meet FDA guidelines and offers a food-safe packaging solution. Moreover, suppose a brand opts for a unique shape & size for a product. In that case, Digital Shrink Sleeves is the most suitable option to add a tinge of creativity and uniqueness to your product’s appearance, like the famous American brand of stackable potato chips.


5. Brand IdentityBrand IdentityLast but not least, through product packaging, customers can form a perception of your brand. Hence, it is imperative to take steps in order to secure your brand identity through packaging. Such an initiative would also allow customers to distinguish your product from its replicas.The same can be achieved through tamper-evident shrink sleeves. These shrink sleeves are printed with warning messages or a safety seal that assures a customer about the product’s authenticity keeping your brand’s identity intact.


If this made you rethink your product’s unboxing experience, contact Stark Packmate.

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