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How to Customise QR Codes Using Variable Data Printing?

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How to Customise QR Codes Using Variable Data Printing?

Customisation is the holy grail of the packaging industry in the 21st century. Clubbed with smart technology, it is anticipated to grow in leaps and bounds in the future. An example of this integration would be customised QR codes printed on products’ packages.

Nowadays, customised QR codes are being used everywhere, from restaurant tables to juice bottles. These black and white dotted, pixelated little codes are popping up in every place imaginable. Although, there’s a pretty valid reason; they provide a multilevel contactless solution and can be used for several purposes without any hitch. Moreover, in the post-pandemic era, customised QR Codes have emerged as just the right solution for brands to get back on track. These QR Codes act as a bridge between your customer and the online presence of your business.

The diverse applications and benefits of the customised QR codes can arouse one’s interest in spectacular innovation. Read on to discover all about QR codes and how you can use them for your business.


What is a QR Code?

First of all, a QR code is a type of a barcode encoded with specific information. When a person scans it, they are instantly directed to a particular location. QR codes are widely used in product packaging with the help of Variable Data Printing (VDP) technology which adds the essence of personalisation to the packaging. Moreover, variable data printing proves to be beneficial as it saves time (no hardware change is required), cost and can shift perceptions also. 

With such innovative technology at hand, the sky is the limit of the things a brand can do and achieve. All one needs to do is narrow down the objectives they want to achieve through custom QR codes and the rest will be taken care of by these pixelated codes. After all, scannable is the future of packaging. 


Customise QR Codes Using Variable Data Printing (VDP) 

Custom QR codes on product packages printed via VDP hold the promise of establishing trust in the consumers’ minds and amplifying your business. You can print a unique QR code on each package through Variable Data Printing technology that will serve you many purposes, like leading your consumers to a webpage, YouTube channel or any specific location. Once you pinpoint the objective of your packaging, you can easily have your QR code incorporated into the design. Following are a few ways in which a QR code embedded design may help your business.


QR Codes Increase Consumer Engagement

However challenging it may be to establish a direct relationship with a consumer, customised QR codes make it easier. Instead of leaving consumer engagement at the mercy of social media campaigns and Facebook’s algorithms, these QR codes let you engage with consumers and forge a one-on-one relationship.

As a brand, you may use customised QR codes to introduce your consumers to your website and social media. Moreover, you may lead your consumers to a promotional video, a recipe, a coupon or even play a game. Besides, you may also have your consumers sign up for your newsletter directly from the package to increase your brand’s engagement with the consumers.


Simplify Data Collection Through QR Codes 

Since serialised QR codes are trackable, you may easily collect data such as age, gender, geographic concentration and product preferences of your consumers. As a result, it will help you optimize your marketing campaigns and improve your product positioning in the market. Moreover, it may even assist you in launching new products to the market with a higher probability of success than before you had access to that data.

This sort of smart packaging with dynamic, customised QR Codes also help brands track and monitor purchased goods, identify supply chain inefficiencies, improve product performance and reduce costs to increase profit margins. 


Establish Brand Transparency Through QR Codes

Transparency is one of the primary operational values of several brands and perhaps a significant element that makes a difference in consumers’ opinions about a brand. Consumers greatly value transparency regarding how the product is made and what has gone into it while buying a product.

Through a customised QR code, you may deliver all the information about ingredients, allergen details, brand’s sustainability goals, sourcing information, philanthropic efforts and company beliefs to your consumers efficiently. Through this simple process, a brand may establish itself as a trustworthy business and gain loyal consumers.


Product Validation Made Easy with QR Codes

Counterfeit products and duplicate copies pose a grave danger to a brand’s profile. However, one can tackle this by introducing customised QR codes. These codes can validate your product’s authenticity before consumers buy it so that they know what they’re buying is the real thing.

Moreover, serialized QR codes enable you to create a unique QR code for each package which works just like a fingerprint. Each QR code would have information about the batch, manufacturing plant and even the employee who created that particular product. Hence, the consumer will have complete assurance and peace of mind about their product being true & authentic. Establishing that trust is one of the steps that can bump you up the ladder of success. 

If you wish to go the extra step and give your customers a rich experience through packaging, consider incorporating customisable QR Codes into your packaging design with the help of Stark Packmate.


Connect with us at Stark Packmate to select a suitable QR code strategy for your product that fulfils your objectives and communicates your brand’s identity.

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