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New Ways To Introduce New Products

Product Packaging

New Ways To Introduce New Products

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Launching a new line of a product signifies that you as a company or a brand is ready to take the baton of growth in your hand. Factually, new products lead to new consumers thereby boosting revenue. However, what bridges the gap between a new product and growth is strategic planning. A well set-out plan regarding – How to introduce a new product to the consumer?

Visual branding plays a vital role in a successful product launch. It stands for everything related to your product’s appearance from design elements, colours, sizes to shapes. Visual branding could help you give your consumers a memorable experience, which is exactly what you need to help your product grow.

The art of successful visual branding has its foundation in the 3Ds:

  1. Demand
  2. Differentiation
  3. Design

3 Ds – Demand, Differentiation & Design

Product packaging is the first contact point between the consumer and the brand. The 3Ds (Demand, Differentiation, Design) could help you optimize the packaging and translate it into a success story.

Consider these recommendations before introducing a new product to the market.

  • Demand

Consumer demand or the willingness of a consumer to buy a product is the foundational concept of retail. The first step of designing ideal packaging for your product is to understand the trends, competitors and consumer demands. Use your research and strategize efficiently to fulfil consumer demands. The goal is to make sure your new product immediately stands out, either because of its stunning design or application.

  • Differentiation

Something New, Something Different – that’s what every consumer wants.

Consumers need be unaware of how your product as a brand differentiates from your competitors in technicalities but in appearance. Therefore, your part, as a brand, is to convey your uniqueness, right at the shelf, with your packaging.

Another name for ‘Differentiation’ is Disruption. In reference to packaging, disruption word would mean purposefully going against the existing trends and using unique shapes, colours, graphics, etc. to stand out.

  • Design

Now, that you know what consumers demand and what differentiates your product, it is time to integrate your brand-related thoughts into your packaging design.

The design must clearly & efficiently communicate the product features, brand’s message and all mandated regulations. You may also anticipate the potential of your product through variations and extensions in your packaging design to strongly introduce it to the consumers.

According to the 3Ds and the present scenario, a brand may introduce new products to consumers through a new look that is more personalized, descriptive and attractive (obviously!).

Two Ways To Introduce New Products


Product Personalization

Product personalization has been broadly accepted by consumers worldwide as personalisation helps them to get attached to the product. This feeling of attachment translates to loyalty towards the brand swiftly, which is why presently brands entertain the idea of personalization. It has become quite convenient and cost-effective now with technological advancements. Huge brands or MSMEs can launch a new product, expand the product variation line or launch a limited edition of products to attract the consumers without burning a hole in their pocket.

Innovative Labels

The whole purpose of launching a new product gets defeated if the consumers ask, “But, what does it do?” after glancing at your product. Consumers like clear and descriptive labels which have all the crucial information (characteristics, uses, ingredients, etc.).

Companies or brands must label their products keeping in mind that the design shouldn’t lose its integrity. Two ways to achieve this goal are – Variable Data Printing (VDP) and Digital Shrink Sleeves.

  • Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing allow you to print a unique QR code on each product package that will take consumers to a specific webpage/video where they can view the product’s detailed description, instructions and uses.

  • Digital Shrink Sleeves

Digital Shrink Sleeves allows you to use the whole body of your product as a canvas. You can add additional information by using this increased surface area. Additionally, the 360° printability would mean designated spaces for design and non-design elements.

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