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Signs That Indicate You Need A Package Redesign

Product Packaging

Signs That Indicate You Need A Package Redesign

A product is recognized by the design of its packaging. Packaging has a direct impact on the brand image, product sales and the shelf awareness of the product. Today’s retail environment is primarily design-focused. Therefore, the need for change is inevitable. How your product looks must be in coordination with recent trends, modern technology and consumer habits. Hence, every brand needs to revamp its product’s appearance every once in a while. The possible signs that you require a packaging redesign strategy, are:

Need for Sales Upgrade
If you have been experiencing a dip in your product sales, despite everything in your marketing plan being perfect, it is probably time to give redesigning a thought. Decreasing sales mean you have lost your consumer’s attention. As a solution, even a slight change of colour palette or shape of the product will renew the consumer’s interest in your product and may revive the sales too.

Better Design = Better Sales!

Packaging and Budget Incompatibility
Packaging should be attractive, interactive and vibrant, but it should also be economical. A packaging design that evaluates more than it may reimburse isn’t a likeable option. If this scenario sounds familiar to you, you may need to rethink your packaging designs. You can cut the packaging costs while maintaining your consumers’ trust in you by simply changing the design or the material used in packaging.

Rebranding On Your Mind
Over the years, every brand tends to evolve into something better and relevant as the consumer-goods market is tightly bound by the need for evolution. Simultaneously the products evolve. Therefore, the packaging must evolve too. If you are strategically planning on redefining your brand’s distinctive identity, package redesign must be your first option. Consumers recognize the product by its attractive appearance. Hence, a new look will adequately convey the message loud & clear that the brand is evolving. The new design must resonate with your new image for visual unification.

Rising Competition
You can’t stand still while your potential competitors leap – A rule of thumb in business. Every business needs to be aware of the direction in which their competitors are going and strategize accordingly to be in the game. If your potential competitors are adopting new technology or introducing a change, it may be beneficial for you to remarket your products with a new look to stay on the cutting edge…ergo, redesign packaging. Attractive package redesign is a card every business must have in their deck to reveal at the right time so as to keep their competitors on their toes.

Crisis Management
It takes only one unfortunate incident to declare yourself as a brand in a crisis. This can happen to any brand whether small or even famous ones. The “out with the old and in with new” is considered as the most appropriate solution for crisis management. Redesigning a product’s packaging is a popular and well-suited recovery trick after a brand experiences a crisis.

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