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Why Do People Think Digital Printing Is A Good Idea?

Why Do People Think Digital Printing Is A Good Idea?

Digital Printing

Why Do People Think Digital Printing Is A Good Idea?

Suppose you are in the market for launching a new product or revamping your product’s packaging. In that case, you must’ve already come across the pro Digital Printing views on the internet. The prevalent Digital Revolution has affected our lives 360 degrees. Therefore, our default reaction is to pick a digital variant of a product/service/process over its counterpart when making a choice. The same applies to printing technologies as well. Digital printing technology is favoured and picked over the conventional printing technology through & through. However, have you ever wondered why digital printing is considered a good idea?

Read on to know about all the things that make digital printing so good.


  1. Quick TurnaroundQuick Turnaround In the present times, our most valuable asset is our time. As a result, we’re constantly searching for shortcuts and ways to save some time. Thus, waiting for an offset printer to engrave a metal plate and transfer the design onto a rubber blanket might not work out for many emerging brands.On the other hand, we have digital printing technology, which offers a quick turnaround. It does not require any pre-press procedures or plates, so the initial set-up time is reduced substantially. Thus, it attracts emerging & established brands to launch perfect quality packaging even in a hurry.

  3. Reduces Carbon EmissionsReduces Carbon EmissionsThe past few years have encouraged brands to consider the environmental impact of their products. Being environment-conscious has rendered brands to steer their printing & packaging decisions in the direction of digital printing.Digital printing technology reduces the carbon footprint and emissions released during production, regardless of the type of product packaging you choose. In addition, Digital printers are known for their eco-friendly advantage over their conventional counterparts as they use sustainable inks. Therefore, Digital printing is an excellent idea that fulfils our demands without damaging the environment.After all, low carbon emissions = a happy, healthy Earth!

  5. Reduces Waste ProductionReduces Waste ProductionThe elimination of pre-press set-up and printing plates with digital printing also results in an overall reduction of waste. Contrary to that, the printing plates involved in the conventional printing process lead to extensive waste material. They wear & tear with time, plus each SKU and every design change needs new plates.With digital printing comes the freedom to print on demand and print multiple SKUs in one run. It allows brands to reduce obsolescence (both waste and costs) to a great extent compared to conventional printing methods. Moreover, by toning down obsolescence, brands keep unused plastic packaging out of landfills and save money as a bonus.Conclusively, digital printing means no plates, less waste and significant savings.

  7. It’s Easy!It's Easy!Another thing that makes digital printing so good is that it’s easy!The whole process is relatively easy and is successful in making the product packaging process simple. It has also made easier for MSMEs to introduce new & innovative packaging designs without investing a lot. Moreover, on-demand production has made a lot of new things possible as it requires lower production costs.Besides, one can carry out variable data printing and customisations easily with digital printing. Thus, the ease digital printing offers to brands & printers makes it worthy of being the first printing choice of all.


With the multiple positive aspects, it’s natural to call digital printing good and acknowledge its advantages. Digital printing is a technology that keeps unfolding in new and profitable ways. However, it’s also true that brands need to carefully consider their requirements from different perspectives before finalising their decision.

Therefore, if you are not sure about the best printing technology for your product packaging, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

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