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Digital Flexible Packaging

Why is Flexible Packaging important for your Product?

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Why is Flexible Packaging important for your Product?

When we talk about ideal packaging in the present times, the answer isn’t only smart & sustainable but also Flexible!

The term Flexible packaging is defined as any type of packaging whose form is flexible and can be easily changed. It is often durable, lightweight and easy to store.


Applications of Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging offers a wide variety of forms & sizes. We all are aware of the flexible pouches, bags that make our life easier every day. It can be seen in its full application majorly in the food & beverage industry. Other common industries employing this type of packaging are – animal supplies, cosmetics, healthcare, etc.


Food & Beverage

The Food & Beverage industry makes up about 80 per cent of the flexible packaging users.

Stand-up pouches are the most popular form as they satiate the consumer’s craving for cost-effective, seal-able and easier to carry short-run ready-to-eat meals, dehydrated & dry foods, instant meals & bakery products.


Health, Beauty & Personal Care

The healthcare, cosmetics, toiletries & personal care markets utilize high-quality sachets, pouches and packs for a shorter run of product variations.

The demand for whole health & personal care products to use travel-sized and easily disposable packaging (impregnated tissues, nutricosmetics, travel-sized creams, bath soaps, non-free-flow powders) is expected to surge soon.



The pharmaceutical and related medical sectors are believed to be the second biggest application section for flexible packaging. The increase of lifestyle-related diseases along with the trends in play will perhaps boost the demand for pharmaceuticals ‒ eventually, it may positively affect the whole digital packaging markets of tomorrow.



Advantages of Flexible Packaging

  • First of all, flexible packaging offers a low cost of ownership which is a plus point for buyers and sourcing specialists.
  • Moreover, it is known for extending the shelf life of your products better than other forms of packaging. It is especially useful for keeping perishable products stay fresh.
  • Also, it is lighter which is good for both, environment and us. Lighter packaging means lesser production waste – a win for the environment. Additionally, lighter packaging would reduce transportation costs which is beneficial for both brands & buyers.
  • Flexible packaging looks appealing on the shelves. It helps to enable the clear visibility of its contents which fosters buying instincts in consumers. Additionally, the ability to buy & carry more products that weigh less works greatly in the brand’s favour.
  • Furthermore, it is reusable and uses recycling material. Thus, it reduces the carbon impact.

The list of advantages goes on, but one prominent factor that is solely responsible for the spike in popularity of flexible packaging is Convenience.


The Demand for Convenience

It is a no-brainer, owing to the fast-paced lifestyle, the consumers want every product to meet them where they are at. Consumers like buying microwavable meals right off of the shelf that could easily be reheated. Who doesn’t love recloseable packets, like pre-packaged salads from the supermarket?

One common thing in all these popular purchases is the convenience they provide.

Consumers value flexible packaging because it is so easy to store & carry, easy to open, seal & reopen. It has also made on-the-go consumption easier which is a cherry on the cake.

Safe, compact and easy to use – consumers expect and flexible packaging delivers.


Digital Flexible Packaging Is The Future.

Digital Flexible Packaging utilizes promising digital printing technology that minimizes struggles. It stirs up the opportunity for progressive product packaging with the use of variable data printing. The supremacy of Digital Flexible Packaging doesn’t end here. Brands can leverage digital printing technology to launch their products to market quicker than ever.

Therefore, it’s apt to say Digital Flexible Packaging is the packaging of the future. It furthermore enhances a brand’s public image positively by conveying a technologically oriented and environmentally aware spirit.

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