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Digital Labels – Labels of the Future

Digital Labels – Labels of the Future

It is widely known that uniqueness and customisation (of any kind) is the selling point for any product in the retail market now. Earlier, a product used to be successful based on a trend where every customer wanted the same product. However, times have changed and so have customers’ ideologies. Now, customisation is the way to reach customers.

How to customise product packaging?

Digital Labels are the effective yet efficient way to renovate your product’s packaging and customise it as per your clientele. Digital labels are printed using top-tier printing technology like Variable Data Printing (VDP) technology which paves the way for label to label personalisation opportunities quite conveniently.

With VDP, brands can also get barcodes, consecutive numbers and multiple designs printed on their product quicker than ever because digital technology does not require changing plates for every minor change in the design. Further, digital printing technology reduces the per-label cost as compared to traditional label printing. Additionally, digital printing results in high-resolution prints, making labels look crisp and easier to read.

Labels of Future

Traditional printing technology typically leads to a lot of waste material as a by-product of a print run. The setup process requires plates for every design and their alignment to print a perfect label. However, that process is not sustainable.

Subsequently, digital label printing leads to minimal waste. It requires no setup needed, which keeps your cost down and is also better for the environment.

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