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Digital Shrink Sleeves

Digital Shrink Sleeves

Shape. Shine. Shelf Appeal

Digital Shrink Sleeves

Digital Shrink Sleeve labels are 360-degree labels printed using digital technology. It is a stellar choice for brands looking to enhance their product’s shelf appeal. Digital shrink sleeves increase the advertising space on labels and add value to your product’s appearance. The brands can make use of the increased space to execute marketing campaigns and increase customer engagement.

Moreover, the digital technology utilized in printing shrink sleeves makes them more cost-effective as the pre-press materials like plates are not required anymore.

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Digital Shrink Sleeves For Visual Branding

The personalisation of product packaging is a growing marketing trend as more and more companies realize the appeal of customisation and uniquity to customers. Digital shrink sleeves can be used in favour of a brand’s visual branding.

Digital Shrink sleeves help your product outshine the competitors on market shelves & attract customers. Also, the digital shrink sleeves can conform perfectly to any product container irrespective of its shape & size. No need to compromise on the product appearance anymore as digital shrink sleeves come through for every product.

Moreover, digital shrink sleeves are capable of serving tamper-evident purposes. The shrink sleeves can be printed with warning messages or safety-seal text using digital printing technology to vouch for the authenticity of the product.

Conclusively, digital shrink sleeves enhance the beauty, authenticity and functionality of a container that proves to be profitable for the brands.

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Types Of Digital Shrink Sleeves

High Shrink Pet-G sleeve

High Shrink Pet-G sleeve

Full body shrink sleeve (2)

Full body shrink sleeve

Multipack shrink sleeve

Multipack shrink sleeve

Untitled design (22)

Cap Seal shrink sleeve

Middle body Shrink sleeve (3)

Middle body Shrink sleeve

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Personal Care

Personal Care

Oil & Lubricants

Oil & Lubricants






High quality image control

Digital equal to first-generation image quality and high level of correction control.

Better production speed

No need of plate changes reduce the time involved and speeds up the production process.

Personalization options

Digital printing technology paves the way for multiple personalisation options for brand’s marketing & advertising

No order quantity limits

Most economical option for printing small runs. No minimum-order requirements like the conventional printing processes.

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