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Customised Graphic Production


The packaging industry demands novelty & creativity from a packaging portfolio. Therefore, pre-press is undoubtedly a crucial part of the printing industry. Stark Packmate’s understanding of this industry and the experiences pre-press professionals can help you with customized graphic production, redesign, typesetting, accurate proofing and all other print needs.

A product is capable of building your brand value only if it has an appropriate layout, colour palette, apt typography, and balanced design elements. Our Pre-press services deliver high-quality digitization by leveraging the latest in technology.

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Stark Packmate’s Pre-press services include:

  1. As part of design services, we offer graphic reproductions, redrawing, image resizing, color corrections, retouching etc.
  2. Adaptation of artworks on new KLD
  3. Introducing new packaging formats
  4. Multiple white separation option
  5. Creating a shelf ready Mock-up or prototype with Post Print Decorations such as UV, Foiling, embossing, debossing etc.
  6. Standardization across printing capabilities and printers to bring the tone reproduction to a predictable and desired target.
  7. Creating final print ready artworks for different print processes.

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