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Prototypes & Mockups

Prototypes & Mockups

Closest to Final Product & Pixel Perfect

Prototypes & Mockups

“Prototypes and Mockups are important for the packaging process” – is an understatement. An idea for product packaging is only useful if it proves out to be functional as well viable. Prototypes and mockups help ensure the viability of an idea. You can test out ideas, catch and resolve issues in order to evaluate if it would a feasible investment. Moreover, it is much more cost-effective to make tweaks and changes in mock-ups than a product headed towards the shelves.

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Safeguard Brand Quality with Prototypes and Mockups

Whether you are a growing business, an established brand or an ad agency, prototypes and mockups have the potential to build, maintain and enhance a brand’s positive image among customers.

Besides, prototypes and mockups are way more appealing to potential consumers, shareholders and investors than a theoretical representation of your idea. While you can describe your product to lenders and investors verbally, it is much more impressive if you can present an exact representation of it that they can touch and hold in their hands.

Our innovative prototyping solutions allow you to touch & feel a product in its final state before launch. The outcome is both, rewarding and exciting for the managerial as well as the marketing teams.

STARK Packmate Team helps you showcase new packaging designs with a variety of prototypes and mockups. These can serve to be the catalyst in your product launch process as you position your brand among competitors. Our packaging mockups are retail-ready, functional, filled with your actual products using specialist machinery.

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