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Setting Brands Free With Digital Shrink Sleeves

Setting Brands Free With Digital Shrink Sleeves

In the present times, a product’s appearance retains more value than the contents of the product. Why restrict your product’s branding to stereotypical shapes and prints?

Digital Shrink Sleeves allow brands to incorporate unique shapes, sizes and designs into their products to enhance their visibility on the market shelf. Moreover, it can do all of it more cost-effectively and sustainably than the conventional shrink sleeves.

Digital Shrink Sleeves eliminate the hassle of changing plates and cylinders for every print run. It is a feasible option even for the small print run. Following are some more reasons to choose Digital Shrink Sleeves.

Customization: Digitally printed shrink sleeves give you an edge over your competitors. It allows a brand to launch new marketing campaigns based on the personalisation of products or launch a limited edition season packaging to attract customers during the holiday season. Customisation of packaging is easier with Digital packaging due to the elimination or pre-press requirement of frequent plate changes.

Abrasion resistance: The first purpose a packaging has to serve is to protect the content. Digital Shrink Sleeves perform well in that context as well. The printed label is less likely to get scuffed or scratched during shipping & unloading. Digital Shrink sleeves are primarily resistant to tears, scratching and abrasion marks that may surface on other labels.

Compatible with unique shapes: Digital Shrink Sleeve labels offer the ultimate versatility for the size & shape of packages. The print won’t get distorted in any way, irrespective of the body of the container.

Digital Shrink Sleeves are a necessary upgrade to the packaging of your product. It allows customers to see your brand distinctively as they approach the market shelf.

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