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Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing

Unique and Personalised Customer Experience

Variable Data Printing

Consumers respond better to considerable variety in the products, be it flavours, colours, designs or package sizes. Personalized packaging humanizes the product for a Company or a Brand. Not only does variable data printing saves time as no change in the hardware is required it can also shift perceptions. It conveys to the consumers that you as a company or a brand acknowledge & value their needs. First-time consumers may convert and become regular.

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Innovative Marketing With Variable Data Printing (VDP)

Variable Data Printing helps brands run innovative marketing campaigns by creating product differentiation across the whole package line-up. Each label can feature a different design to depict variety among the products with the help of VDP. As an added advantage, product differentiation does not slow down the process and each unique label is printed at a reduced cost.

Variable data printing can print a unique QR code on each package that will take consumers to a specific location (like a webpage or video) where they can view a recipe, video message, promotion, product instructions, etc. This will not only engage your customers but also create a trust in the customer’s minds which in-turn amplifies your business.

The QR code can also be used on the package to deliver detailed information unique to that individual item. Things like a product verification page, to confirm the authenticity of the product, or a page highlighting where and when it was produced, as well as batch number, manufacturing location and date/time can be printed using VDP.

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To Revamp Marketing Strategies

Introduce new marketing strategies with the help of VDP through variations in colour, text & design of the same product.

For Hassle-free Target Campaign Run

Campaigning is easy with VDP as it eliminates the inconvenient aspects, saves time & money while printing for personalized campaigns.

Easier Data Analysis

The serial no. and barcodes printed on the package make it easier to collect, store & analyse data regarding the product, sales & revenue.

Smooth Package Tracking

VDP eases up the package tracking process through its various features like QR codes, serial numbers, bar codes etc.

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